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continue to say good-bye to those lost. in this hour m.i.t. officer sean collier is being remembered. the university m.i.t. is holding a memorial service in his honor at the school's brigs field. vice president biden is there. he's expected to speak. we'll bring you parts of the service live throughout this hour. a number of the people speaking we'll hear from and number of performances as well. i'm anderson cooper. this is our special coverage of the boston bombings. a lot to bring you up to date on now as the families say good-bye to the victims. here's where we stand with the investigation. it is a fast moving investigation. delegation from the u.s. embassy in moscow has arrived in the russian republic of dagestan to interview the parents, the suspected bombers we're told the wounded suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev could soon be transferred out of the medical center. family members of those wounded in the attacks were still hospitalized there are angry about him being in the same hospital with their loved ones being treated. and the street where the bombs exploded is open for business.
the family of slain m.i.t. police officer sean collier is sitting down with "the lead" for an exclusive talk about the depth of their loss. >>> and the buried lead. a promise unkept. president obama returning to one of his earliest failures in office and vowing today a new push to close the prison in guantanamo bay. >>> boston a city still recovering from the terrorist attacks from one week ago. the kind of evidence that could drive this investigation to a new level. within the last hour cnn has learned investigators found at least one fingerprint on bomb fragments according to a law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation. we're told no matches have yet been made. meanwhile president obama today defending the fbi's handling of the investigation before and after the attacks. we're going to get deeper into that. the president is also backing a review ordered by director of national intelligence james clapper to see which agencies dropped the attacks. >> protocols and procedures that could be put in place that would further improve and enhance our ability to detect a potential
. and 27-year-old sean collier the m.i.t. police officer allegedly gunned down by the suspects in the desperate hours after they were identified. >>> we're also remembering today the wounded. 20ictims the terrorist attacks in boston are still in the hospital out of the 264 who were initially injured. one of them is jared cloury. he and his friends heard the first blast in boston and were trying to jump the barricade into the street to get to safety when the second explosion went off right at their feet. >> i stopped for just a second to tell the young lady here, jackie, who is my friend's girlfriend, jackie, get your butt in the street and, boom. and i just remember feeling engulfed like -- and i got thrown out into the street and just like the movies all of the sound got taken away and, you something inside me said, get up, jarrod, get up. you're okay. get up. so i stood up and i was pretty lucid and i remember trying to count my fingers and feel my feet and i'm standing and thinking about these kind of things that i've learned about over the years and i look at my hand and it
childhood innocence we will never forget. sean collier achieved his childhood dream when he became a cop. an army of officers attended his funeral today. we learned why collier was executed as he sat in his patrol car. more about that in just a moment. but first bob orr has information about a shopping trip one of the suspects took to buy explosives. >> reporter: on february 6, ten weeks before the marathon bombings, tamerlan tsarnaev walked into the sea brook new hampshire fireworks store and bought two lock-and-load mortars kits. each kit cost about $200 and contained 24 pyrotechnic shells. investigators now are trying to determine if the brothers used the black powder from those fireworks as the explosive in the pressure cooker bomb. tsarnaev's name was recorded in the store's computer system at the time of the sale. megan kerns was the clerk. >> i do remember first him having the accent and then him asking for the biggest stuff. i showed him one other product. he definitely stressed he wanted the biggest, loudest stuff. >> reporter: new pictures surfaced today of the early friday mor
just yet. as you know, an m.i.t. law enforcement officer was, sean collier was killed on tuesday night and that murder has not been charged yet at all and we should see the state do more work on that front in the coming days and weeks, we expect. >> as you talk about going forward in all this what do we know of how the process progresses from here? there was that legal hearing on monday. what happens next? >> that was just the very beginning, a complaint was filed. he still will have to appear in court, be indicted and there is a hearing set for may 30th at 10:00 a.m. that the judge mentioned in this hearing monday morning. >> before i let you go, erin what do we know about legal defense? did he have legal representation in that hospital room? >> reporter: i have the transcript of the court hearing here there is controversy on friday and over the weekend about him not being mirandized. they went through it twice today and offered the use of an attorney and the one word he spoke was no when asked if he could afford an attorney and he was presented with defense attorneys today. >>> we wa
by his brother. sean collier's body was delivered by motorcade to wilmington, massachusetts. tonight, new information about tsarnaev, straight from the hospital where he is in serious condition. if this bombing suspect has anything to say, lit have to wait. officials are saying that the 19-year-old college student has injuries to his throat and for now cannot talk. he was finally surrounded and taken down in a neighborhood in watertown, just outside of boston. but he did not go quietly. brian todd has details for you. >> reporter: as he was cornered, he engaged police with gunfire. it went on for several minutes and police lobbed in flash bang percussions to stun him. in the end, authorities showed their determination to catch the suspect live. listen to officers negotiate with him as he's holed up inside a boat. >> reporter: we snaked through alleys and back lots to get to within a couple hundred yards of the boat. there was a word of reassurance during negotiations. and an appeal to someone they knew was in pain. as we shot this exclusive video, police rushed us, saying we were in the c
student from china. and a private funeral today for m.i.t. officer sean collier who was allegedly gunned down by the suspects thursday night. tomorrow m.i.t. will hold a memorial service for him and vice president joe biden will atenld. it is giving people all over the country a way to help in the wake of the boston bombings. whether's $5 or $500,000 like major league baseball donated every little bit is helping those whose lives were forever changed. governor patrick and the boston mayor are making an announcement about the one fund right now. let's listen. >> all of the money will go to victims, none to administrative costs. we thank all of the donors, large benefactors who are represented here behind us, but the thousands of others all over the world who stepped up. and above all and first and foremost, for his vision and his leadership in this and so many things, mayor menino. >> thank you, governor. thank you all for being with us this afternoon. the individuals behind me are the lead donateors to the one fund. this past week our city triumphed over terror and showed the world the m
's stopped talking. saying good-bye to m.i.t. cop sean collier. >>> george w. bush front and center today at the dedication of his library. the nfl draft is taken to another level. aun a fuel barge injured some and lights up the sky. >>> frustration is growing in the air and on the ground as more of the nation's major airports are hit by long delays due to forced government cuts. complaints are mounting. now a compromise could be on the way. tracie potts has the latest from washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the white house and some lawmakers on capitol hill warming to the idea of a deal that would put the air traffic controllers 1,200 to 1,50 o a day. there have been waits up to three hours for come around the country. it's been an issue here on capitol hill. a testy exchange with one lawmaker saying they weren't given enough warning. >> we have been talking about reduction and available controller hours of 10% for months. >> but you didn't tell them which airports and which airlines. >> they should expect major impacts and facilities. >> if there is a deal and the air
-opened on wednesday for the first time since the attack. >>> sean collier's family said he was born to be a police officer and that he lived out his dream. in cambridge, massachusetts, it was a sea of blue, more than 4,000 people paid tribute to the m.i.t. officer killed one week ago tonight in a shoot-out with the accused boston bombers. in his 15 months on campus, friends say collier touched the community. the poignant memorial featured two performances by singer james taylor and the service itself is something that collier's family said he would have loved. >> people have asked me if sean were here what would he think? are you kidding me? he would love this. you have sirens, flashing lights, formations, people saluting, bagpipes, taps, the american flag. he would have loved it. >> among those in attendance vice president joe biden who seemingly could not contain his anger. he called the accused terrorists quote, two twisted perverted cowardly knockoff jihadists. unquote. >>> to iraq where bloodshed has led to 100 deaths in the past two days. a crack down in a protest a northern town triggered t
, and krystle campbell, and the officer sean collier shotdown. >> so many questions. motive? was there anybody that may have helped them? why did they shoot that police officer? all these questions still remain. the oldest brother, tamerlan tsarnaev in-laws and wife are asking the public to please respect their privacy at this time. and as we know, tamerlan was the bombing suspect killed in a shoot-out with police. a statement issued outside the family's north king's town rhode island home rings, quote, our daughter has lost her husband today, the father of her child. we cannot begin to comprehend how this horrible tragedy occurred. in the aftermath of the horror, we know that we never really knew tamerlan tsarnaev. our hearts are sickened by the knowledge of the horror he inflicted. please respect our family's privacy at this difficult time. >> we are starting to get a clearer picture of who the suspects were and what they were doing before they began the reign of terror. >> the city of boston and the city of cambridge and watertown and many other communities can breathe a sigh of relief know
authorities say they'll file charges of their own later this week for the killing of sean collier, the m.i.t. campus policeman that authorities say the tsarnaev brothers shot thursday night. members of congress say they want answers about whether the intelligence community should have done more to follow up on the older brother, tamerlan, after the russians complained two years ago that he appeared to be growing more radicalized. >> what about his electronic footprint, the suspect's cell phone they were trying to use to track him, the laptop they were anxious to look for inside his apartment? >> reporter: right. they have all that. they do have his cell phone we were told today. and they're looking through all of that for evidence that others may have been working with them. but they say every day they look into this, they become more convinced or leaning more toward a conclusion that the two acted alone, brian. >> pete williams, thanks. pete in our washington bureau tonight. >>> up in boston the copley square area slowly getting back to business after really being frozen in place as a c
sean collier was ambushed and killed by the bombing suspects. >> officer sean collier we love you. >> vice president biden told the crowd, the purpose of terrorism is to instill fear. you saw none of it here in boston. boston, you sent a powerful message to the world. >> reporter: one that continues to echo in the week of the attack. now, city officials say the recovery work here will continue for quite some time, but they also believe it's just as important that life continue in this area as well. that is the latest live here in boston. i'm jay gray, nbc bay area news. >> still a lot of healing. >>> back here at home fires crews in san francisco rescued people in a borngs apartment build. the fired start the on belay yo streets in pacific heights neighborhood. they were able to get the sister in his 90s and the brother and the two dogs out safely. the fire started somewhere in the top floor of the attic. no word yet on a cause. >>> we have an nbc bay area follow up. 15 families have, driven out of their home after a fire last night. the villa is a san jose shelter for women and c
paying a silent tribute to fallen police officer sean collier. officials say for no obvious reason the brothers shot and killed sean collier for no reason. the vigil is set to be in his honor in his hometown of wilmington. poppy harlow is there. it is a sad story. you spoke to some of the people who were close to him, his close friends. >> i did. it was an amazing scene that unfolded behind us this evening. it was the vigil for that gunned down police officer sean collier, and we were there when the motorcade left boston medical center and brought out here to at least 500 people from the community and fellow police officers, and et cetera coming to honor this 26-year-old hero that we are told by so many people all he wanted to do was to be a police officer. he did realize that dream. tonight, we heard from his brother, andrew, and also the stepfather, and his boss, the police chief at m.i.t. and many people talking about their best memory of this man. and after the vigil, we had a chance to speak one-on-one with a man who knows collier very well, an m.i.t. police chief john difava
to celebrate the life of fallen m.i.t. officer sean collier. >> he would love this. sirens, flashing lights, formations, people saluting. he was born to be a police officer. he lived out his dreams. >> reporter: collier was only 27 when he crossed paths with the accused marathon bombers. >> we have suffered. we are grieving. >> reporter: today vice president biden couldn't seem to contain his anger. >> whether it's al qaeda central out of the fattah or two twisted, perverted, cowardly knock-off jihadis here in boston, why do they do what they do? if the purpose of terrorism is to instill fear, you saw none of it here in boston. >> reporter: though answers today -- ♪ shower the people you love with love ♪ >> reporter: -- but some comfort from james taylor. ♪ show them the way that you feel ♪ ♪ things are going to be much better ♪ ♪ if we only will >> reporter: and the m.i.t. symphony choir. in only 15 short months on m.i.t.'s campus, sean collier found a place in its heart. >> we know we'll see him again and he'll have that big grin and a hug for all of us. officer sean collier
than 4,000 people gathered to remember fallen m.i.t. police officer sean collier murdered last thursday. vice president biden calling the bombing suspect, quote, two twisted, perverted, knockout jihadists. what did authorities know about the pair? you're listening to james taylor who performed at the federal service. what did federal authorities know about the two brothers, especially the older one, who, as you know, traveled to russia last year and was on the radar of russian intelligence a year before that. we have breaking news tonight from joe johns and our chief political analyst, gloria borger. joe, we knew the fbi was approached by the russians in 2011 to check out the older brother, tamerlan, saying he was interested in or flirting with extremism. now you're hearing the cia was also approached later that year by the russians. what happened? >> that's true. we are told the cia got the same information the fbi got. but the cia says it essentially put this guy's name up as a candidate for a terror database watch list system. cia, we understand, also shared information with other ag
are laid to rest. two private ceremonies tuesday for 26-year-old m.i.t. police officer sean collier, for the youngest victim, 8-year-old martin richard. now this is the memorial that has been gathered from around all of boylston street. i want to show you this, there's a lot of shoes being hung along the route here on the sign boston strong, all the hats that either runners or others who have come by here have left. i want to show you a bit more of this. you come around this way, these volunteers have been here all morning long taking care of all of the flowers, and the stuff that's being dropped off here. but they've literally brought this from all along boylston street where it was closed, to this area in copley square so that people can come by and they are coming by in the dozens so far this morning to stop and reflect. john? >> thanks so much, miguel. it's so great to see all the people out here on the streets and all the cars driving on boylston street. again, for the first i'm in nine days. it truly is a wonderful sight. our thanks to miguel. new this morning, delegates from
, that doesn't necessarily apply to the m.i.t. officer, sean collier, who is remembered today by colleagues, that's another county over the river. middlesex county prosecutors may, in fact, go after crimes again dzhokhar tsavraev in their own right there is a murder there, and there is a number of crimes to prosecut s prosecute potentially. according to the d.a. here in this county, they are considering that. but at this point, this county won't go after the three murders that happened here and the explosive devices, but the feds are well equipped to handle that. here is what the d.a. told us on camera yesterday, the decision to make that plan. go ahead and assist the prosecutor this is d.a. dan conley. >> for the boston marathon bombings, i would say almost certainly not. those murder charges will more than likely, almost certainly be subsumed in the federal indictments in the months to come. >> reporter: the district attorney went on to say, they reserve the right to re-invigorate essentially if other investigative bits of information lead to additional charges that could be charged at th
. piecing together the final minutes of sean collier's life. m.i.t. is asking for any information on last week's killing of the school police officer believed to be the last victim in the killing spree. >>> was times square the next target? new york city mayor says that tsavraev brothers wanted to detonate the next bomb in a tourist spot. let's talk about dzhokhar tsavraev right now. he has been at beth israel medical center, the same hospital where several bombing victims were being treated. brian todd joins us now. we had heard for days that the families were not happy,anably about dzhokhar being there. what do you know right there? >> we know, jake and brooke, moved probably in the predawn hours, overnight sometime, around 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning, cover of darkness. more about the facility. 39 miles from downtown boston in north central massachusetts. decommissioned military base and housing male offenders that need long-term medical care and mental health care and told it has a sat lied minimum security camp for male onders. he needs specialized care, shot in the neck, the communi
reason killed massachusetts police officer sean collier while he was sitting in his cruiser. this is a video just in to cnn recorded just moments ago taking place on the campus of m. imt tmt, paying their respect to that fallen officer, hundreds of officers on the street there. a vigil is underway in massachusetts. the chief said collier was born to have a police officer. the mba just released this photo of collier. before he get to that photo, look at these pictures. we're watching the hearse go by, 26-year-old police officer killed. and there is that picture of the officer along m.bta officer richard don huh. he was seriously injured later in a shotout. the two graduated from the police academy together. next how law enforcement got their man, the tracking of the surveillance, the military steps that went into capturing the marathon bombing suspects. about marriage. children. money. about tomorrow. here's to good decisions. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. ready to plan for your fami
. >> the carjacking happened minutes after the m.i.t. police officer sean collier was killed, and an man said he was in his mercedes suv parked along the side of the road when someone tapped on the window. he rolled the window man, and a man he believe dozen be the older brother put a gun inside and got inside and said, and i'm quoting, did you hear about the best interests explosion? i did that. after picking up the younger brother and loading the trunk with explosives and ammunition, the carjacked man says, quoting again, they asked me where i'm from. i told them i'm chinese. was very scared. i asked them if they were going to hurt me. they said they won't hurt me. i was thinking they would kill me later and he believes the only not kill him is because he was not an american. >> how did he escape at the gas station? >> well, he says the older brother got out to pump the gas and the younger brother went inside the convenience store to buy some red bull and chocolate, which is where the surveillance picture came from. the man says, quoting again, thought it was very good chance for me to run. so
police officer sean collier. he was shot four to five times in his patrol car last thursday. police believe he was ambushed by tamerlan and dzhokhar tsarnaev. also happening right now boylston street is hope for business. business owners were allowed back briefly yesterday. we're hearing for the first time from a man who used to be married to the suspect's sister. he thinks he went from an aspires olympic boxer to a jihadist. we're not sure if misha is the nickname or if it is his name. unclear if authorities are looking into this misha character. >>> the fbi hopes to find some answers in russia. a group from the u.s. embassy is there in moscow now. they're looking to any links that the tsarnaev brothers may have had to terrorist groups back in their homeland. nick, have you seen a sign of the fbi teams and do we know for a fact that the parents of these two are going to be willing to cooperate and meet with the fbi? >> reporter: yes. so far we know that last night the mother did talk with the fbi. her husband, tamerlan's father, was not able to talk with the fbi last night. they di
for the victims fund that's been set up. earlier today warren spoke at the memorial service for sean collier, the police officer killed in the line of duty late on thursday night. senator elizabeth warren joins us for the interview next. >>> we are strong. we are collier strong. we are boston strong. but the true source of our strength and our resilience is our spirit. our recognition that we are united. we are connected. we are one. and when we serve each other, we give of ourselves, we grow in strength. >> democratic senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts speaking today at the memorial service for m.i.t. police officer sean collier, who was killed in cambridge, mass, last week. senator warren joins us now for the interview. senator, thank you very much for being here. we're happy to have you with us. >> thank you. it's good to be here with you. >> more than $23 million has been donated to the one fund so far in just about a week. can you describe the kind of support that's been pouring into boston and what you think it's going to practically mean? >> it's been a tough ten days for bosto
-year-old sean collier, and he was fatally wounded. after that, they hijacked a car with a driver stopping at an atm and picked up cash and finally let him go about half an hour later and confessed to them that they had not only killed the police officer but they were, in fact, the marathon bombers. from there there was a chase with police another five miles down the road from watertown. along the way apparently they dumped explosive devices from the car and another police officer was also seriously injured. that officer remains hospitalized at this hour. a stop in watertown where things are on lockdown. one of them, the 26-year-old, older brother out of the car, engaged in a shoot-out and he is fatally shot. the 19-year-old manages to escape. police believe he may have come man deared another vehicle. they found that vehicle, a honda crv but did not find any contents inside. at this point, carl, someone million people are locked down. rails are shut down until further notice as is amtrack service into boston as well. they were also looking for another suspect who they believe may
older brother last night. this is a time to read a sad statement from the family of sean collier, the police officer killed last night on the m.i.t. campus. family has released an official photograph along with these words. we are heart broken by the loss of our wonderful and caring son and brother, sean collier. our only solace is that sean died bravely doing what he committed his life to do -- serving and protecting others. we are thankful for the support and condolences offered by so many people. we are kbroogrieving this loss ask that the media respect our privacy at this time. and so we will. you see the m. p i.t. markings on his lapels. campus police officer. did not even have a chance to do his job. the accounts are he was, sadly basically executed by one or both of these suspects. older brother and younger. younger brother still alive being transported to a hospital. what's going to start happening there in watertown, and you can tell this already, you saw one tactical officer come out toward the waiting crowd. it will be a kind of gauntlet. people are so anxious to expre
. reports say that officer sean collier was killed. after that a black mercedes was stolen leading police on a chase. throwing grenades and pipe bombs out of the windows. one suspect, tamerlan tsarnaev was killed. day five, witnesses describe the mayhem. >> we saw the explosion. we must have heard about 60 gunshots. >> reporter: 2:40 a.m. a robo call sent to watertown incidents. >> there is an active incident in watertown right now. all watertown residents should remain in their homes. >> reporter: 4:22 a.m. a suspect on the run. >> we believe this to be a terrorist. we believe this to be a man who's come here to kill people. we need to get him in custody. >> by 8:00 a.m. friday, all of boston and surrounding areas shut down, as an unprecedented manhunt ensues for suspect two, dzhokhar tsarnaev, brother of suspect one. >> we have suspended all the public transit service and that will continue until we think it's safe to open all or some of that. we're asking people to shelter in place, in other words to stay indoors with their doors locked. >> at 8:20 p.m., the stay inside order was lifte
weeks of their lives. >>> and a memorial was held for sean collier. the tsarnaev brothers killed collier. probably in an attempt to get his gun. sean collier was 27 years old. >>> a threat to safety. >> we are very concerned. >> what leaders in this bay area county want to do that could put the entire community at risk. >> at 10:30,. >> there's a pot club here, another one around the corner we counted five within a mile of each other. officials are saying how many does one city need. >> temperatures dropped more than 15-degrees today. how much cooler it'll get tomorrow. >>> back in january the contra costa county has shut down a fire station. and now the city is considering closing another station. >> reporter: all signs are counting to this fire house as the next one to be shut down. it is station 87 here in pittsburg and all of this is coming right as we're entering fire season. green grass turning brown and some neighbors around here getting particularly concerned. >> we are very concerned, that is where we get our service. >> reporter: the contra costa fire district is very big. >> i
victims, 8-year-old martin richard and m.i.t. police officer sean collier, were buried. authorities believe sean collier was killed because the suspects wanted his gun. a memorial service will be held for him today. and edward lawrence is outside beth israel hospital medical center. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. investigators have returned to the hospital to interview the teenaged bombing suspect. he's reportedly telling them how and why the bombing accident happened as the people of boston heal. police escorted the victims of the boston marathon bombing back to the scene of the crime on tuesday night. they arrived on crutches and in wheelchairs for a private service. >> when you're face to face with the people that were directly affected and you see the bandages, you know, you just feel what they feel. >> reporter: these newly obtained photos apparently show tamerlan and dzhokhar in a shoot-out with police early friday morning. tamerlan was killed during the exchange. dzhokhar escaped but was later captured hiding in a boat. he was taken here with gunshot wou
difficult week of their lives. m.i.t. campus police officer sean collier was also laid to rest tuesday. investigators tell cbs news the brothers assassinated the officer in his car so they could take his gun. vinita nair, cbs news, boston. >> reporter: we have also learned six weeks before the boston marathon bombings the older brother was at a new hampshire fireworks store. we're told at the store he bought two mortar kits. it's unknown at this time whether that was what was used in these two pressure cooker bombs but certainly another piece in the puzzle. >> any idea why it's taking so long for people to come forward with these injuries. >> reporter: you know, i think in a lot of instances, these people thought they had temporary injuries like a ruptured eardrum. they thought, hearing will come back quickly. only now they're realizing things are not getting any better so we have heard from now 26 hospitals in and around the boston area and that's why that number of people injured was updated. >> okay. vinita nair in boston, thank you. >>> the bay to breakers race is helping victims o
, but also remembering a life lost, police officer sean collier. thousands turned out to honor the memory of the campus police officer who was known to love his job and driven to help others. investigators say sean collier was killed thursday night by the suspected marathon bombers as he was sitting in his patrol car. his brother remembered sean as someone who loved country music, someone born to be a police officer. vice president biden was there and called collier a remarkable son, brother and tried to console his family. >> the moment will come when that thing that triggers the memory of sean, that moment, whether it's a song or a season or a holiday. or passing a little league field, whatever it is -- you'll know it's going to be okay when the first instinct is, you get a smile to your lips before you get a tear to your eye. >> under the police officers gathered to remember their fallen brother. many in the crowd wore badges that said, collier strong. there was also a performance by james taylor who played with the boston symphony orchestra. ♪ >> nothing will fill the void left by s
. boylston street reopening, but also remembering a life lost. remembering police officer sean collier. >> thousands turned out at the massachusetts institute of technology today to honor the memory of the 27-year-old campus police officer who was known to love his job and was driven to help others. investigators say sean collier was killed thursday night by the suspended marathon bomberses as he was sitting in his control car. his younger brother remembered sean as somebody who loved country music and someone born to be a police officer. vice president biden was there and called collier a remarkable son, a remarkable brother and tried to console the family. >> the moment will come when that thing that triggers the memory of sean that moment, when there is a song or season or holiday or passing a little league field or whatever it is. you'll know it's going to be okay. when the first instinct is you get a smile to your lips before you get a tear to your eyes. >> hundreds of police officers gathered to remember their fallen brother, and many in the crowd wore badges that said collie
that there was one victim, sean collier, the m.i.t. patrol officer who was killed by them in the early hours. he was only 26 years old. sean collier, a campus police officer, patrolling the m.i.t. campus, he was in his patrol car when he was killed. tom ridge, that is only another way to emphasize just why we had that terse comment about an hour and a half ago from governor deval patrick. we're getting new information, we're extending this lockdown. stay in your homes, this is dangerous. it's clear that they do not know where this suspect is, right now. they do not know if there is an accomplice, if there's a cell. how many more may or may not be involved. but until they do, they want everybody to be safe. >> he's prepared to do. i mean it's quite obvious, and death and destruction, the havoc that he's rendered over the past four days suggests to everybody involved, i know they would like to capture him. could potentially have all kinds of information, but even that process, once, if they identify him, even that simple, not simple, that process of trying to capture him alive, is complicated beca
, krystle, two officers have been hurt, one who lost his life, sean collier, richard donahue who is fighting for his life. our thoughts and our prayers are with their families. tonight, you are going to have many questions but i want to say as i have said the last several days, this has been a very active and ongoing investigation and although for some of you, tonight is a closure, for me, the journey continues. and so this will continue to be an ongoing and active investigation as we sort all the details, continue to evaluate a tremendous amount of evidence and file our formal charges. but i will say this. i have never been prouder to stand with a tremendous group of law enforcement here, from the colonel to the commissioner to my federal colleague, rick deslauriers with the fbi. all of the federal agencies, the state and local departments that have worked so hard, so hard since the attacks on monday, so committed and putting their lives on the line as we fought the last 24 hours to try to get a suspect into custody. and so my journey and my office's journey begins, and this investigation w
of martin richard, krystle campbell, sean collier and lu lingzi." in case someone didn't hear it, bianna, i would like you to repeat for everyone once again, your phone call with the father of these brothers and what he said to you, the first thing he said to you. >> he said "thank god." he started crying. he's been waiting. he hasn't had any indication of what was going on. i called him. this was our fifth conversation of the day. and he was just full of emotion. and he said that he thanks us for calling him, for being in touch with him. and, again, i asked him, what do you want to say to your son? we know right now that he is in custody, on his way to the hospital. he said, just tell police everything. i still don't believe it, but tell them everything. he also said he's on his way to the states. he didn't say when he would be coming. but he'll be coming to the hospital. and he ended the conversation by saying, unfortunately, i lost one son, but the other one appears to be alive right now. >> pierre thomas, i want to go back. over and over and over again, i keep thinking what a close call
a memorial service for sean collier killed by the bombing suspects allegedly and more healing. boylston street reopened earlier this morning. crews removed the barriers around 3:00 a.m. the site of the first explosion has been repaved and surrounded by construction cones. we'll hear from pete williams tracking down a new lead in this case. we'll get pete on as soon as we can. first, to the possible miscommunication and breakdown between intelligence and other federal officials. lawmakers learned yesterday homeland security was pinged when tamerlan tsarnaev went to russia but they didn't tell the fbi. here's republican congressman michael mccaul on "the daily rundown." >> we talked a lot about connecting the dots and stovepipes after 9/11 and here we are 12 years later and the fact remains it's still not working. >> joining me right now is independent senator of maine, angus king, member of the intelligence committee and at yesterday's fbi briefing. it's good to have you with me this morning. can you hear me? senator? >> we'll go back to the senator in a second. you were tracking down a
today. >> they can never defeat us, never overthrow us. >> for sean collier. >> a memorial service is held for sean collier. >> boston, you send a powerful message. >> boylston street reopens to the pubblocklic. >> they have turned it into a makeshift memorial. sdwr we have not yulded to our fears. >> there's also questions about the fbi's prior contact with the alleged bomber. >> that's the question that some members of congress are asking. >> how could we have missed all this? >> it's not working. >> serious concerns raise this morning. >> new details about communications between the russia and the u.s. >> about whether the u.s. agency shared information. >> the dots were not connected. >> it's not like they don't both know what the other has. in fact, they all know. >> russians contact the fbi. questing information about tamerlan tsarnaev. >> the fbi checks it out, finds nothing negative. the russians send their same request to the cia. >> they both ask the russians several times for more information. they never get any. >> is this going to become a major political issue? >> ter
in boston. three were killed from the blast from the bombings and sean collier was shot and killed thursday night while sitting in his car. >> and police officers and firefighters from all around the boston area saluted officer collier as a hearse drove his body to a funeral home yesterday. it's not clear why one of the suspects shot and killed him, but they say collier had been responding to a loud disturbance call. he had been a police officer for just over a year. >> last night huge crowds from the m.i.t. community came out to pay their republics to collier at a vigil. those who knew him said he was always laughing and had a great smile. collier was born to be a police officer. >> and friends say collier love ed to go camping and hiking. they finally recalled how he brought ear plugs for his entire cabin so people could block out his snoring. now they are trying to keep his memory alive. >> it's heartbreaking. i really can't express -- the entire m.i.t. community in words. >> what is the message? is there a message that you would like to send? what this city has gone through is complete
officer sean collier at a public memorial in cambridge, massachusetts. collier was on patrol last thursday evening when officials say he was gunned down by the tsarnaev brothers. vice president joe biden gave his condolences to the family and the community of boston before turning his attention to last monday's bombing. >> whether it's al qaeda or two twisted, perverted, cowardly, knock-off jihads here in boston. why do they do what they do? i have come to the conclusion, which is not unique to me, but they do it to instill fear. it infearuates them that we refuse to bend, refuse to change, refuse to yield to fear. the doctrine of hate and oppression. they found out cannot compete with the values of openness and inclusiveness. it's why they are losing around the world. >> senator elizabeth warren also gave a heart-felt speech invoking the city and her home state. >> we are strong. we are collier strong. we are boston strong. but the true source of our strength and our resilience is our spirit. we will miss you, sean. but, we will not forgot you. >> lawmakers pushing for immigration reform
of technology. then news a police officer was attacked. sean collier,26 years old, was shot as he s in his car. he died soon after. the brothers hijacked a car, and the chase that followed ended in watertown, 10 miles from boston. on the usually quiet suburban street, there was a fierce firefight, captured on mobile phones. the police were taking no chances. the innocent owner of the hijacked car was for a time treated as a suspect. tamerlan tsarnaev was fatally wounded. he died in hospital. >> the closed in around one guy. they got in position. >> w >> they were screaming at him. they all had their guns out. he was at the point where he was like this. finally, by the time the car came over, he finally laid down to go back on the ground, and that was said. >> the whole town has become a crime scene. the younger brother who escaped the shootout. >> you should be considered armed and dangerous and a threat to anybody he might approach. there is a 20-block perimeter around the location the chief is talking about. we are concerned with securing the area and making sure this individual is detained.
that occurred last night. 26-year-old sean collier was a young father with a six-month-old baby. police believe the tsarnaev brothers shot him in his squad car on campus. the twist was they began volunteering at the boxing gym where suspect number one, tamerlin-tsarnaev trained years ago. it is unlikely the two ever crossed paths. >>> one of those injured is an 11-year-old boy from martinez. there is promising news about him tonight. he ate his first solid meal since being injured. he was struck near the finish line as he waited for his mother to cross. we have information about several community fundraisers for aaron and his family posted at you will find that under see it on tv. >>> and tonight passengers are a you riffing -- passengers are arriving to a quiet and eerie city. >> and they are expressing relief that the second suspect has been captured alive. john alston is at sfo with their story. john? >> on one flight passengers learned the manhunt was over. when the pilot made the announcement some even broke into uh -- applause. one woman who ran the marathon hopes this is th
called to a shooting on the m.i.t. campus. university police officer, sean collier was ambushed and killed. at 11:30 boston time, the brothers carjacked a man a few blocks away in cambridge. they told the driver they were the marathon bombers. a half hour later, they released the man unharmed where surveillance camera captured this image of dzhokhar. police caught up with the police, then a running gun battle. explosives thrown from the car. >> they have explosives. some type of grenades. they are inbetween houses down here. >> then, it got worse. police say tamerlan approached them with a pressure cooker bomb, but it malfunctioned. >> in all, more than 200 rounds of ammunition were exchanged. officer richard donahue was shot and critically wounded. tamerlan tsarnaev, dead. he ran over his older brother's body as he sped away. at 4:30 a.m., people in eastern watertown were ordered to stay in their homes. by 8:00 a.m., the order expanded to include all of boston. meanwhile, bomb squads blew up suspicious packages found in the brother's apartment. officers went door to door all
: it was no exaggeration. late last night, authorities discovered mit police officer sean collier shot and killed by the suspects. at first, authorities didn't realize there was a connection to the bombing. but then authorities say the two men carjacked a mercedes suv in cambridge, briefly kidnapped the driver, and led police on a wild, violent chase through the streets of neighboring watertown. then a dramatic shoot-out. in all, 200 rounds were fired between the police and the suspect, who also reportedly threw explosives from their car. >> in the exchange of the gunfire, we believe one of the suspects was struck and ultimately taken into custody. >> reporter: tamerlan tsarnaev was critically injured during the firefight and taken to a nearby hospital, where he eventually died. >> we spent 10, 15 minutes trying to resuscitate this patient. >> reporter: but his alleged accomplice was still on the loose. an army of police descended on the neighborhood. >> we're at the corner of mt. auburn and kimble, less than half a mile away from where the shoot-out took place. police officers are saying they're
they never forget the victims. >> adrianna diaz, thank you. several vigils told. this one for sean collier. the 26-year-old was on the job for only a year before he was shot to death. there were similar gathering in downtown boston and in watertown, which was at the center of the search and shootout. >>> the motive may never matter to those who lost loved ones in the attacks. lillian's granddaughter was one of the kills. taking care of her 79-year-old grandmother. lillian says the nightmare will never be over. >> a grandmother is not supposed to bury their young children. >> she worked long hours as a restaurant manager. the 29-year-old often went to watch the runners and was standing with a friend when the first bomb exploded. >>> and the city began its healing today with baseball. the boston red sox played a game postponed by last night's man hunt. the players wore special uniforms for the occasion. >> this jersey that we wear today, it doesn't say red sox. these say boston. >> cbs reporter on the emotional game that was about much more than baseball. >> reporter: the pregame ceremo
-i-t officer who was shot and killed during the manhunt on the school campus. 26-year-old sean collier has been an m-i-t officer since january 2012. before that, he was a civilian employee with the somerville police department. we're learning new details of the condition of the surviving marathon bombing suspect that shut down the surrounding boston area during a massive search. right now we know the surviving suspect, nineteen- year-old johar tsar-neye-ev, is in serious but stable condition and is unable to communicate, yet. he is recovering at a boston hospital guarded by armed officers. tsarnaev was captured last night inside a boat parked in a watertown backyard. these are images of that boat. the suspect's uncle, says the 19 year old was quote "used" by his 26 year old brother, tamerlan tsarnaev. but the hierarchy in the bombing plot is still unclear. we are also learning that federal public defenders have agreed to represent the surviving suspect. the office set to represent the suspect says a lawyer should be appointed as soon as possible because there are "serious issues regarding possi
more mourning ahead for 8-year-old martin richard and 23-year-old lingzi lu. and sean collier. but today the more than 200 injuries are remembered as well like adrianne haslet the dancer from "the boston herald" the blast has torn off her foot. >> we sat up and i said, wait, my foot hurts. he held up my foot and we both screamed bloody murder. i didn't feel heat from it. i just felt air and fell to the ground. >> reporter: it's a huge loss for this ballroom dance instructor. but she hasn't lost her spirit. >> it's very sad and i absolutely want to dance again. >> reporter: adrienne is vowing not only to dance again but to run in next year's boston marathon. >> i'm so blessed. i'm so lucky. >> reporter: caitlin tate. her leg was badly damaged. this photo captures the moment caitlin's friend leo saved her life. >> when you look at that incredible picture of him carrying you away, what goes through your mind? >> god had angels watching me that day. >> reporter: leo rushed caitlin to mass general hospital. >> the one thing that struck us is how many were running towards where the
say the massachusetts institute of technology officer, sean collier, was shot multiple times as he sat in his vehicle last thursday. tomorrow, vice president joe biden is expected to attend a memorial service for collier at the m.i.t. campus. >>> authorities have released more photos of the ing suspects. they were take -- of the bomb becoming suspects -- boston marathon suspects. you can see them in the crowd, watching the finish line. there's no sign of tension. at times they appear come and relaxed. moments later, the bombs went off. >>> the surviving suspect remains under armed guard in the hospital. the fbi says dzhokhar tsarnaev is still having difficulty speaking. but yesterday he was able to give a one-word answer, no, when asked if he would afford a lawyer. a judge was brought to his hospital bed to outline the charges that could bring the death penalty. the tampa bay says he's now claiming the old brother was the -- the fbi says he's now claiming the old brother was the driving force. >>> the mother of the sons want to visit the u.s. to visit her badly injured son. but she cou
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